Welcome to Poděbrady

You will find everything you expect from a good holiday: sights, nature and fun.

Cruise ship King George

In the town of Poděbrady, we could recommend a visit to an interesting attraction, which is the King George’s moored ship. The Elbe River flows through Poděbrady, so you will find the boat right in the middle of the city. The cruise ship provides cruises for the public, companies, schools, etc. During the cruise you can use the restaurant, which is right on the ship.

Film Legends Museum

The Legends Museum is a new attraction for the whole family that will delight every age group. It will introduce its first visitors to the largest private collection of pop culture exhibits in Europe.

In addition to the new exhibits (over 500 pieces). You can look forward to regular weekend programs accompanied by live film characters.

Spa park and modern colonnade in Poděbrady

An oasis for walks, relaxation and a place that allows you to soak up the right spa atmosphere while sitting in one of the cafés or right under the mature trees in the large park. The colonnade was built over a mineral water spring (formerly the Boček spring from Kunštát).

Lego Museum

Poděbrady’s Museum of Bricks, the youngest of all branches, has more than 3,000 exhibits made up of tiny LEGO® bricks ready for its visitors. Among them are models that can only be seen in Poděbrady – Jiří Square in Poděbrady and the Liberec Town Hall. Visitors will also learn more about the history and development of the LEGO® brand, and plenty of interesting facts on top. For example, did you know that LEGO used to be wooden?

Glassworks Bohemia

We will be happy to welcome you to our glassworks and show you where our famous Czech crystal is produced. During the tour in our factory in Poděbrady you will visit the exhibition of the history of glassworks, you will have the opportunity to watch a film about the production, then you will directly see the glassworks and the cutting of the glass decoration. At the end we will show you the company Cash & Carry shop, where you will receive a gift from us and where you will have the opportunity to buy our crystal at better wholesale prices than in regular shops.

Poděbrady Castle

The Poděbrady Castle is a distinctive landmark of the world-famous spa town of Poděbrady. The castle was rebuilt from the original medieval castle founded by Přemysl Otakar II. Currently, Poděbrady Castle is part of the city’s conservation area.